FROSCH Tile Leveling System - 1/8" (3mm) Clips [PALLET - 30 boxes of 2000pcs]

$2,899 $3,870


  • Ensures that tiles remain level and eliminates lippage
  • Can be used for both wall and floor tile
  • Provides a 3mm (1/8") wide grout line
  • Tile thickness: 3mm (1/8") - 12mm (1/2")

Allows for a 3 mm (1/8") minimum grout joint. The Frosch Tile Leveling system ensures that your floor or wall tiles will be level and without any lippage. Frosch tile leveling clips are built from heavy duty plastic and significantly increases the speed of tile laying. The clips are specially designed to break off easily once installed but are strong and durable prior to installation.

Quantity: 60,000 clips  [30 X 2000pcs/box]

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